Hasan Kutucu started his business with a small confectioner's shop and a small mashing workshop at the back of it in Izmir, Mezarlıkbasi in 1943; as it was hard to find sugar during shortage years of World War 2; dried grapes, figs and walnuts are grinded at mincing machine and made as a paste with roasted chickpea powder and processed with a roller and cut into small pieces and packed in small papers.

There has been put various bonus and cinema tickets to attract the youth and children. These works kept on in full speed till 1948. After 1948, the first wholesale shop is opened in Sadirvanalti. Now the shortage affect of the war was over and it was easy to find sugar. There was a great demand for sweeties as well.

Turkish delight and rock candy is manufactured at the first work shop established in 1950. The first confectioner (sugar with paper packing) is manufactured in 1955. In 1960's the first jam workshop in Turkey has followed this. Poured jam demands of many schools, military organizations, various hotels and Turkish Airlines have been supplied. Sesame oil havla production is started in 1965. Our products have been distributed to whole Anatolia via wholesale shop in Sadirvanalti. Our sales were not only limited with our production but also other manufacturers' products were marketed in wholesale as well.

This past experience has become a tradition and our retail shop has started to serve for the new generation in Izmir, Kemeralti in 1973. Presentation of good quality with cheap price product variations as of chocolates, Turkish delights, sweeties and nuptials sweets. We go on serving with a principle of transferring our comprehension to future generation and to move it future in Kemeralti.


Hasan Kutucu

Kemal Kutucu
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